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Dryer Vent Cleaning

We ensure that your dryer vent is completely snaked out from top to bottom to ensure that there are no hidden clogs or potential fire hazards remaining.

Air Duct Cleaning

Using our Certified HEPA vacuum we use positive-negative air to push out all of the airborne allergens, and pathogens lurking inside you home vents and dispose of them properly in our fltered machine and bring them out of your home.

Air Sanitizer

After thouroughly cleaning your air ducts we finish off with the use of our environmentally safe sanitizers to ensure that nothing gets left behind and that we leave a fresh clean smelling scent throughout your home just like you were outdoors.

Giving Back

Here at Easy Air Services, we love to give thanks to all of our hard workers that helped make this Country great. We offer 10% off to all Seniors and Military
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Tips for Homeowners

Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning
Have you been getting the sniffles lately? Maybe you are having a hard time breathing while you are inside of your home? These are all signs that your vents need serious air duct cleaning. If you are doubtful about hiring the professionals to do the cleaning, here are some benefits of having the experts do the job for you:

  • Better Results
   One of the best things about hiring a professional to do the duct cleaning is that you get better results from the cleaning process compared to doing the job yourself. Professional cleaning companies make use of different cleaning tools and equipment to ensure that your duct is completely cleaned. The last thing that a professional air duct cleaner wants is for your ducts and vents to be filled with dirt, which can affect the performance of your HVAC system.

  • Faster Cleaning
   Imagine the amount of time that you have to spend when you decide to do the cleaning yourself. This type of job, especially done by an amateur might last an entire day as well as cause more harm than good! Calling a professional air duct cleaning company will allow you to save time on having to clean your vents by yourself. Professionals know how to clean your vents one by one. Combining skills and knowledge, they will be able to effectively clean your vents faster and more efficiently.